An “accident” is defined as an unforeseen, uncontrollable event. However, research has shown that most workplace “accidents” are actually “incidents” that could have been controlled or prevented if proper procedures or rules had been followed. The goal of these safety training programs is to identify and make employees aware of potentially unsafe practices and conditions.

We offer workplace Safety Training Kits on many OSHA topics. Safety Training Kits are available in English or Spanish and all come with a CD containing the following printable items:

  • Program outline (English-Spanish)
  • Quiz (English-Spanish)
  • Answer Key
  • Certificate
  • Training Log/Sign in Form
  • Wallet Card/ID Card
  • List of Site Specific Information
  • PowerPoint™ Presentation (English-Spanish)
  • Manual

As an employer, there are consequences when accidents happen and one simple short cut can ruin a person’s life. Our Safety Training Kits are an effective tool in conveying to your employee’s the importance of safety in the workplace.

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