OSHA Safety Manual is an independent company with over 24 years experience in the safety industry. When it comes to Third Party Prequalification Providers, our sole agenda is to help you get approval. Our objective is to help companies submit and complete all of their requirements in order to achieve a 100% approval rating for companies like ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, PICS® Auditing, BROWZ, Safety Council Solutions®, and others, within 12 to 48 hours of startup. We have been supplying companies with workplace contractor safety programs and OSHA compliance assistance and training for a quarter of a century. We have encountered pretty much any problem you can think of and none so big that we couldn’t fix it. We work as a team and take your account, in whatever state it sits, and get you into complete compliance ASAP-GUARANTEED!!

Whether you are a small business or global corporation, we provide consultation for any questions or concerns you may have during initial setup.

Take ISNetworld® for example, once you fill out our customization questionnaire:

  • We will assist your company in completing your Management System Questionnaire (MSQ™).
  • All RAVS® Safety Programs are written to *ISNetworld® specifications.
  • Complete self review and gap analysis sections
  • Review and submittal of documents, OSHA 300 Logs, Insurance, EMR Letter, Etc.
  • We communicate directly with your insurance provider to insure proper insurance documentation approval.
  • We will assist you in developing a plan to improve your Owner-Client score.

If you subscribe to our services, you will become ISNetworld® Compliant. We guarantee it 100%.

With one of our “Service Agreements” (1 year, 3 year or monthly) we will maintain your overall approval rating score with your owner client/clients at an exceptional level. Additionally, we will provide you with the following:

  • Continual updating of all your safety programs
  • Maintain questionnaire standard
  • Provide continual consultation for your accounts documentation
  • Updates to Insurance, EMR Letters & OSHA Logs

Additionally, one of the goals when you sign up with ISNetworld® is to add more Owner Clients to your account to increase your business. If you are under one of our “Service Agreements” and you add new Owner/Clients, we will take care of any new RAVS® the new Owner/Clients are requesting.

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